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Bruin Burgers 2024

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Bruin Burgers 2024

  • KHL's biggest fundraiser of the year is here! This fundraiser keeps our registration costs down and goes directly to our operating budget!! Bruin Burger Prep & Assembly will take place at St. Mary's School April 26th-28th. KHL sells these over Crab Festival weekend, with the support of the Kodiak Sno-Bruins. Every player's family needs to sign-up for two slots. This spreads the workload out between everyone! 12U & older may help, otherwise an adult needs to fill the slot. Close-toed shoes, short-sleeved shirts, and hats must be worn. Long hair must be pulled up. Please bring an apron!! Limited hats and aprons will be available to those who don't have them. Last year, KHL and KHS Hockey EACH raised $18,000. Please help us make this another successful fundraiser! Please note, the slots marked with "HS" are for the High School team to fill.

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